Thursday, August 4, 2011

self portrate in Soheila's mirror (not too much look like me)

wood A2 pencil B6 - watercolor

metal pen house

house - watercolor- metal pen

WOODY ALLEN with ipad

amistrida A3

king and poor

with ipad

sinking in triangle formula sin cos


sketch with ipad

book and glasses

imperfect world



marlon brando

pink floyd poster

comics,metal pen

my van gogh

                               vincent van gogh 
                                                     great man greater than every one 
                                                  i indebted a large part of my life to him
                                he learned me with his painting everything
said: each time a sound inside you say that you cant paint anymore,
just pick up your pencil and start working
you will see that the sound go off

flower- watercolor A4

cat.pastel A4


strange people

they say you are selfish, and you like yourself, huh. thats funny.
the reason that i always draw myself is that there is no one else
someone who not to say sth if you done bad 
and be always with you
and not to expect sth from you

dead birds

alone tree,cold day,A3

big man,ron mueck,A3

mr.mousavi A3